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Belfast Black Taxi Tour

Explore the captivating history of Belfast with one of our renowned Black Taxi Tours. Our knowledgeable local guides will take you on a journey through the city, sharing intriguing stories of its turbulent past. Despite the negative attention Belfast received during times of violence, it has emerged as a must-visit destination. Join us and discover the hidden gems of this wonderful city.

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3 Donegall Square E, Belfast BT1 5HB

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Belfast Supreme 3.5hr Black Taxi Tour 2 in 1

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Crumlin Road Gaol Tour & Belfast Murals Combo Tour

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Experience the unique history of Belfast with a Black Cab Tours, the only black taxi tour company owned by both Catholic and Protestant owners. Our local guides will take you on a journey through the city, sharing the stories and perspectives of our turbulent past.

Gone are the days when Belfast was known solely for its conflict. Today, the city boasts an abundance of attractions, from top-notch hotels and restaurants to a thriving nightlife. And, of course, there’s the rich history of the Troubles, as seen through the lens of the many murals throughout the city.

Join us for a private black taxi tour, complete with the famous Belfast “craic” and banter, for an unforgettable exploration of this fascinating city.

We offer political mural Black Taxi Cab tours, taking in the Shankill road, the Falls Road and the infamous peace wall.

We also offer Black Taxi Cab tours to the Giants Causeway, Dark Hedges and various other Game of Thrones locations.

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Discover the History Behind the Headlines

“Exploring the Legacy of Conflict in Belfast’s Murals”

Belfast has come a long way since the dark days of The Troubles, a 30-year conflict between the Catholic and Protestant communities. Thanks to the peace process, the city has transformed into a vibrant capital, complete with the biggest open-air art gallery in Europe. The famous murals and artwork scattered throughout Belfast tell the story of the past and offer a glimpse of the city’s hopeful future.

Join us on a 90-minute black taxi tour, led by a local guide, as you delve into both communities and capture the beauty of the city’s murals through your lens. Along the way, you will have the chance to sign Belfast’s iconic Peace Wall, a remnant of the division between the communities. Your guide, who has lived through the struggles of the city, will offer a unique and personal perspective on what it was like to live during The Troubles.

Enjoy a fully private tour experience, tailored to your interests and schedule.

Belfast Black Taxi Political Mural Tour

The Belfast Mural Tour, offered in a classic black taxi cab, is the most sought-after experience in the city. Both locals and tourists from around the globe have made this tour a must-do on their visit to Belfast. Your tour begins in the back of the iconic black taxi, where your knowledgeable guide will educate you about the historical events of the Northern Ireland conflict, known as “The Troubles.” The tour continues through the city in a licensed, London-style black taxi, accommodating groups of 6 or 7 passengers. On this tour, you will have the opportunity to listen to first-hand accounts of the Belfast Troubles from friendly, local guides.

Embark on a one-of-a-kind journey through the historic and culturally rich streets of Belfast with the award-winning, 5-star rated Political Mural Tour of the Shankill and Falls Road areas. Discover the famous murals in a new light and gain a deeper understanding of Belfast’s past and present.

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Intriguing Causeway Tour Locations

Embark on a journey through the breathtaking Antrim Coast, rich in folklore and legends, and visit some of its most iconic landmarks such as the Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Dunluce Castle, Dark Hedges, Bushmills, and Ballintoy Harbour.

Step away from the black taxi tours and indulge in a luxurious private tour, where you will get to experience the best of the Antrim Coast in comfort and style. Let your knowledgeable guide take you through the stunning scenery and delve into the history and natural beauty of this magical region.

Crumlin Road Gaol

Discover the rich history and cultural heritage of Belfast on our legendary Belfast Mural and Crumlin Road Gaol Combo Tour. This 5-star rated tour, one of the most popular black taxi tours in Northern Ireland, has been featured on television networks in the UK, Europe, and the US.

Your local tour guide will provide insight into the political and historical background of the famous West Belfast murals, as well as the events of “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland. Explore the murals of Belfast from the comfort of a black taxi or executive vehicle, and gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating city and its past.

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Visiting from abroad?

Excursions specifically designed for cruise ship passengers arriving in Belfast and seeking to uncover the stunning beauty of the Antrim Coastline. Our tour is customised and private, and is operated by Belfast Black Taxi Tour.com.

Participants will be picked up directly from their cruise ship and transported in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle to County Antrim. There, they will have the opportunity to marvel at the iconic natural attractions that have earned the Antrim Coastline its worldwide fame.